This the smallest of my four galleries holds no real official classification. My other three galleries each hold a specific subject class. Nature, candid, or scenic. (Yes the neighborhood cats that love spending hours in my backyard are nature subjects in the strictest terms. But they and my friends pets probably aren't what Nikon envisioned when they were designing the telephoto lenses I used to capture them). So this gallery holds all my photo's of every type that can't quite be pigeonholed into any of the other three.

It also sometimes serves as preview for the other three galleries. I edit and upload my new photo's in chronological order. And as this is a hobby and I have so many other things going on in my life, I can get quite backed up loading new ones into their respective galleries. Sometimes though when I get home early enough from a days shooting, I edit a few of the best of the shots of the day and upload them into this gallery. Any of my friends who like to follow my pictures exploits, and come here can go to the last page of this gallery and get a sneak peak at what new subjects I'll be adding to my main galleries in the near future.