DSC_9581 backyard self portrait(facebook)

Back in the fall of 2007 I went on a cruise to the Caribbean with a half dozen friends from work. I brought along with me one of those great little point and shoot camera's I saw so many of my friends with. The shots I took on that vacation would break a drought of more than 15 years since I went out picture taking, having reluctantly put my favorite hobby on hold as my free time started to shrivel up with the purchase of my first house, an increasingly ill mother, and other affairs of life. I had always planned to get back to photographing later in life when hopefully things slowed down and I reached a point financially where I could afford to only work part time. (With what the economy's done to my savings good luck with that happening anytime soon) I didn't think the trip would change my mind set that much, but from the moment I started taking pictures again I couldn't stop, and my friends kept asking each other all through the cruise "where on earth is Kevin??", as I wandered off to photograph something else new.

When I got back home I found I couldn't put my emotional genie back in the bottle, and about 4 months later I told my best friend Scott that I was going to start photographing again. I was going take my tax refund and some other money I scraped together to buy a Nikon D40 (one of their less expensive entry level camera's) and a few lenses. I told him I might possibly purchase a D80 instead, but then I'd have to get A LOT fewer lenses to go with it. But the camera I REALLY wanted was the D300 that just came out at the time, however that camera was way out of my price league. I asked him if he wanted to come with me to the camera store. Not surprisingly he jumped at the invitation as he had gotten into photography after being inspired by all the pictures I used to bring home, back when he and I rented an apartment here in Staten Island. Those photo's now adorn my humble townhouse. The words that came out of his mouth next floored me though, as he said when we get to B&H to take the money I was going to use to buy the D40 and buy the D300 instead, and he would pay the difference!! Anyone who knows the price of those two camera's back then knows what an incredible gift he was giving me. Yes he is truly my best friend, and a wonderful person to know. Now two or three times a month when I can steal away a few hours or best of all, a whole day, you'll find me once again reacquainting myself with the love I missed so much, gazing at the world through the viewfinder of the camera I thought I'd never own.

{If anyone would like to get in contact with me, you can e-mail me at : kab.in.st.george@gmail.com}