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DSC_7994 foggy morning at the lake
09' cruise antelopes artists audubon society ava baboons backyard battery park battery park city battery park water fountain bees bees pollinating bermuda bethesda fountain bethesda fountain area birds black and white black capped night heron black crowned night heron bleeding hearts blue heron park blue jays boats bow bridge bride and groom bridges bristol bronx bronx botanical gardens bronx zoo brooklyn brooklyn botanical gardens bumble bees butterflies butterfly garden canada geese canadian geese candid cardinals cats cello central park central park zoo cherry blossoms chess children chinatown chinese scholar's garden citiscapes clove lakes columbus park cone flowers conservatory gardens cormorant's couples cranes cruise 07' cruise 09' cruise 12' cruise 18' cruise ships curtis daffodils dasies dawn deer dew doves downy woodpecker downy woodpeckers dragonflies drowning victim ducks dusk east river ebony langers egrets esplanade battery park city falcon fall faux painting finches fishing flowers fog foot bridges frogs games workshop store geese goslings great blue heron green heron green herons greenwood cemetery grymes hill harlem meer hawks herald sq. herons honey bee honey bees hudson river hummingbirds insects iris japanese gardens jersey city jewel weed kitbashing kittens landship model latin dance festival lizards macy's flower show 2017 mallards mammals manhattan marbled orb spiders marsh marigolds mockingbirds monarch monkeys morning doves morning glories mourning doves musicians my backyard my front yard my garden nationals park nature neighborhood shots nests new dorp beach new jersey night time nighttime north cove yacht harbor ny bay nyala nyc osprey's oystercatchers painted turtles panorama pansies parades paramedics parents and children parrots peacocks peonies pere david's deer performers pergola overlook plants praying mantis prospect park puerto rican day parade 2016 rain red eared sliders reptiles rhode island robins rock gardens roller skaters roosevelt island roses rowboats ruby throated hummingbird sailboats scenic scott sea gulls seagulls seaside goldenrod sedum flowers semi candid shipping ships silhouettes silver lake park sld 6 sld 7 sld 8 sld 9 sld1 sld10 sld11 sld2 sld3 sld4 sld5 smithfield snails snakes snapping turtles snow snow monkeys snowstorm snug harbor south street seaport spanish bluebells sparrows spiders spoonbills sports spring squirrels starlings staten island staten island ferry staten island zoo street performers summer sunrise sunset swallows swallowtail swan's swans terns the mall tigers tugs tulips turtles van duzer street verrazano bridge waaaghsa warblers washington dc washington sq. park washington square dancers wasps waterfalls wave hill cultural center wave hill gardens west indian day parade 2010 west indian day parade 2016 white egret white egrets white napped crane wild flowers wild gardens winter wisteria wolfe's pond wood ducks woodpeckers yachts yellow jackets zoo zoo nyc zoos

Under every photo in all my galleries are keywords that list what main subjects inhabit that particular photo, such as "ducks", "butterflies", "children", "couples", "spring" or "fall". If you discover a particular image lets say of a lovely fall scene and wonder what other nice fall shots I've taken, just click on the keyword "fall" and a virtual gallery of all my fall shots will instantly be created for you to view.

But lets say you want to see my black and white images instead, but don't feel like scrolling around through a hundred images looking for one. Come to this page. To your left is a central location of all my keywords in alphabetical order. Click on the keyword "black and white", and your done. Just scroll through the keyword list to find the word that describes whatever images  of mine your looking to view, click on it and a virtual gallery containing all of the photo's that consist of that type of keyword be created for you. No aimless searching around necessary.